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UHCL student ambassadors offer campus tours and warm welcomes to prospective students

Written by: Lauren Sawyer
Savannah Owen_web

Savannah Owen is an upcoming sophomore at the University of Houston- Clear Lake, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood: PK-Grade 3. She is a current student ambassador and serves as a tour guide for prospective students. The goal of the student ambassador is to make students and their families feel welcome to UHCL through recruitment and outreach, campus tours and events. Owen said she wants students to feel like they’ve found the right place for them after connecting with her.

“I want them to be interested in attending UH- Clear Lake. That’s my main goal. I listen to the students, answer any questions they have, and try to be as helpful as possible,” she said.

Owen said being a student ambassador is also helping her for the next chapter as a teacher.

“I get to work with students and practice speaking to a crowd, which I would be doing in a classroom. Every now and then we do have groups from elementary, middle, and high schools coming in,” she explained. “Working with a variety of grade levels helps me decide which one I want to work with.”

Owen said that being a student ambassador has not only helped her grow professionally, but personally.

“I honestly used to be super shy. I’ve come out of my shell doing this. I feel like I’ve found my voice, and acquired a lot of knowledge about UHCL because we have to know the history,” she said.

Owen added that receiving positive feedback on her evaluations from students after tours makes her feel really good, and that she’s representing the university well.

“When I see ‘she was very welcoming, I enjoyed the tour, she answered my questions that I had’, and when they mark yes that they were encouraged to apply, I know I’ve done my job,” she said.

 Kyra Haynes, Venessa Mallikarjuna and Maggie Cisneros are also UHCL ambassadors who give campus tours. 

For more information about UHCL’s Student Involvement and Leadership and programs visit www.uhcl.edu/student-affairs/student-engagement/student-involvement/