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UHCL graduate works on healthcare frontline, ready to further her education

Taniya Philip

Taniya Philip received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Science with pre-health specialization in 2018 from University of Houston-Clear Lake, and went to work at University of Texas Medical Branch as a medical scribe. But now, as a Care Team Assistant working on the healthcare frontline in Orlando, she is putting the skills and information she learned in her classes to especially good use.

“As a Care Team assistant, I do medical documentation, check vital signs, lab work, and other patient care” she said. She works at AdventHealth in Orlando as a part of the company's new program to evaluate the effect of scribes helping to take the burden off nurses by taking over certain elements of patient care in addition to scribing. She is also a certified nurse’s assistant.

The program is gaining great provider and patient satisfaction in Florida and it would be implemented in Texas as well, Philip said.

“I was one of the travel trainers, training people to do this job,” she said. “COVID-19 is highly contagious, and there’s a lot of uncertainty. Patients are scared, and health care workers like us are trying our best to not contract it and take it home to our loved ones. We (our world) are not completely prepared and don’t exactly know how to handle COVID-19 because we didn’t anticipate a global pandemic. We were caught off guard.”

She said there are numerous COVID-19 patients at the hospital where she works. “We are all trying to do what we can with what we have, while keeping to a high standard of care,” she said. “What I learned in my immunology classes at UHCL was very helpful. We talked about pandemics and other viruses and diseases through our history, and it all makes sense now.”

Philip said her ultimate goal is to become a physician assistant, beginning her new program of study in July. “I got a great preparation at UHCL,” she said. “(Assistant Professor of Chemistry) Anton Dubrovskiy always believed in me and he taught me it’s not all about chemistry,” she said. “He was always motivating me and always told me he never doubted I would get into PA school. He isn’t just a professor, he is great mentor; you can reach out to him anytime. He’s always there to help.”

“Taniya worked in my research group in organic synthesis when she was in her senior year at UHCL,” Dubrovskiy said. “It is gratifying to know that Taniya puts to use the skills and knowledge she received from our university. Apart from academic skills, I definitely remember her perseverance and dedication – invaluable ‘Hawk’ qualities for all times and seasons.”

“I’m ready for the job I’m doing, and for furthering my education,” she said.

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