10:21 AM

RN-BSN information session to transition to live online format at UHCL Pearland


Information for students wishing to enroll in the RN-to-BSN program at University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland can find out all they need during two upcoming virtual sessions to be held May 27 and July 14. Program Director and Assistant Professor of Nursing Karen Alexander said that the information sessions would be live and accessible on Zoom.

“We want students to be able to ask any questions they want, so we are doing it live,” Alexander said. “We will go through a presentation in which we’ll explain our requirements and we will let prospective students see why our program is best.”

Alexander said that UH-Clear Lake’s RN-to-BSN program, which targets current registered nurses who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree, is one of the few in Texas that is primarily face-to-face. “Our students tell us, that is the difference,” she said. “For full-time students, classes are always Tuesdays and Thursdays. For part-time students, it’s one day a week. That never changes, so nurses are able to schedule their work around school. The clinical site requirements of the course are hybrid, allowing students to have a flexible schedule so they can still work. There is only one online course in the program.”

Alexander added that if nurses are employed by Heath Corporation of America Healthcare, their UHCL tuition will be paid forward and they will be accommodated with needed time for school.

She said that students are closely mentored throughout the program. “We were able to work through the current adverse situation with them because we had already developed relationships with them in our face-to-face classes,” she said. “It made the transition to online classes this semester much easier. We have learned that establishing relationships and mentoring nurses is what it takes to make our students successful in this program.”

Join the Zoom event at May 27th Zoom at: https://uhcl.zoom.us/j/93886887213. Join the July 14th Zoom event at: https://uhcl.zoom.us/j/95691656116.

Learn more online about UHCL Pearland’s RN-BSN program.