21:08 PM

New signage at UHCL Pearland campus helps direct traffic, improve visibility

Written by: Micheal Epperley
Photo-UHCL Pearland-NewSignage

University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland is gearing up for an exciting new academic year with the recent unveiling of a series of enhanced directional signs. Strategically placed throughout the campus, these signs provide students and visitors with clear navigation and a seamless experience while exploring the campus grounds.

The installation of these new signs aims to make it easier for everyone to find their way around campus, from academic buildings and administrative offices to student services and parking lots. The improved signage system ensures that everyone can navigate the campus effortlessly, reducing frustration and allowing more time for learning and engagement.

One notable addition to the new signage is the entrance sign on Pearland Parkway. This landmark sign  announces the university's presence, reflecting the mutual pride and support shared between UHCL and the City of Pearland.

Associate Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of UHCL Pearland Beth Lewis  expressed her excitement about the arrival of the new directional signs.  “We are thrilled to welcome new and returning students to our beautiful Pearland campus, especially now that we have completed the external signage project," she said. "The directional signs are not only practical, but help establish a collegiate look on campus. Additionally, we are excited to show off our new monument sign on Pearland Parkway at the entrance in front of the Health Science Classroom Building. All of the Pearland campus signs match the ones on the Clear Lake campus, ensuring that the public recognizes at once that Pearland is proud to be a part of the UH-Clear Lake family.”

Pearland Mayor Kevin Cole also praised the initiative, emphasizing the importance of education as a catalyst for the city's growth. "The new signage at the UHCL Pearland campus is a great example of what makes Pearland such a terrific community.  Education is the catalyst for the life cycle of our community, and this new sign shines like a beacon that shows how proud we are to have UHCL in Pearland," he said. 

Local business owners are equally enthusiastic about the impact these new signs will have on the community. One of the local business owners interviewed shared her excitement. "We welcome more students and visitors to explore Pearland and discover the unique offerings of local businesses. These signs will undoubtedly bring more foot traffic to our establishments."

Beyond enhancing navigation, the new directional signs represent UHCL's ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. By making it easier for students, faculty, and visitors to connect with the campus and community, UHCL aims to create a positive experience that benefits everyone.

As the new directional signs guide individuals to their desired locations on the UHCL Pearland campus, they also pave the way for stronger ties between the university and the surrounding community. With improved accessibility and visibility, UHCL's commitment to education and community engagement shines brighter than ever, benefiting both the academic institution and the City of Pearland.

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