15:42 PM

Early Childhood Education program earns spot on national ranking

University of Houston-Clear Lake's Early Childhood Education program is ranked among Discover Early Childhood EDU's Top 85 Most Affordable Early Childhood Education programs. Discover Early Childhood EDU is an online resource that helps future teachers plan and create their teaching career path.

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education Rebecca Huss-Keeler said the affordability of the program was largely due to UHCL's partnerships with local community colleges so that students lose minimum credits when they transfer into their programs. "There's a smooth transfer of courses and the program is very high quality and affordable," she said.

She added that UHCL offers multiple degree programs in early childhood education. "We have three undergraduate programs, including a Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education, generally aimed at transfer students," she said. "We also offer an Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Care and Education, and our Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science with Core Subjects Early Childhood-6 concentration."

UHCL also has a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education, which can be taken in a totally online format or as a hybrid option.

Huss-Keeler said there were many advantages to UHCL's Early Childhood programs. "Students have more career options within the field, multiple career tracks, and we are the only university in the area with these specific degrees," she said. "We also offer lots of good internship experiences, the nationally-recognized director credential to become a childcare center director, and programs for educators of young children with disabilities. There are many paths a student can take, and all the faculty are experienced early childhood educators with advanced degrees in the field."

For more information about UHCL's Early Childhood Education program, go online.