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Where do you think best? Student shares best study spots on UHCL campus

Danna Almazon

If you're in college, it doesn't matter if you're in summer school, or if you have to study for midterms or finals. Perhaps it's just a regular, boring Monday afternoon. You probably have to turn something in soon. Sitting on your bed in your dorm room, trying not to overhear your roommate's cell phone conversation isn't working anymore. Time to find another place to get your homework done.

Danna Almazan, president of the Hawks Spirit and Tradition Council at University of Houston-Clear Lake, knows three good, quiet places on campus where you can go to get that assignment completed.

"I don't study in my room at Hunter Hall,” she said. "It's too tempting to take a nap!"

The Neumann Library: "The second-floor study rooms have open space, so you can see your friends and study with others," Almazan said. "There are coffee machines in there so you don't have to go all the way down to the Patio Cafe. You can bring your food, take out the books you need, and there's lots of help in the library. You can study alone or with your friends.

The Bayou Building: "The study areas in front of the elevators are great," she said. "There are chargers that you can move around- you don't have to move your seat. The couches are comfortable and it's open late at night. They are close to vending machines for snacks, or you can just go down to the Patio Cafe."

Almazan said she always meets new people there, because people come on different days. "You can meet people when they ask for a charger," she said. "It's just a good place to see people, in general."

The STEM Building second floor: As a biology-pre-med major, Almazan said she always has a lot of homework and needs space to work out math problems. "The study area up there has couches and bars with bar stool-style chairs, and good seating areas," she said. "Also, the walls are white boards, so you can write on them. It's very quiet up there, so it's good for studying on your own or for group study."

This summer, since strict quarantine restrictions have been lifted, take the opportunity to explore places on campus that will make studying more enjoyable. The environment you're in can have an impact on the outcome of your studies.