20:37 PM

UHCL's mascot, Hunter the Hawk, celebrates 10th birthday at Homecoming party


As University of Houston-Clear Lake celebrated Homecoming and Family Weekend last week, another milestone celebration also took place—the university’s mascot, Hunter the Hawk, turned 10 years old.

“Hunter loved popping out of the box, and cake is Hunter’s favorite food, of course,” said Katelyn Rivardo, UHCL’s Coordinator of Organizations and Activities. “Hunter is really excited to have turned 10, and they want to keep putting  their name out there to get people excited. Some people don’t realize that Hunter is our mascot, so we are working on building more recognition.”

Rivardo said that back in 1999, students who were planning the annual Welcome Back Bash created an icon out of the university’s blue and green block logo and named it “Blockie” but it had never been UHCL’s official mascot.

“We actually have hawks on campus,” Rivardo said. “In 2010, when they started the process of getting an official mascot, the hawk was the best option. The costumed character of Hunter was chosen and named in 2013.”

Rivardo said that Hunter’s Flight Crew helps walk Hunter around, makes sure they get where they’re supposed to go, stays protected, and that anyone who wants a photo with Hunter has a chance. “Hunter adds positivity to our campus,” she said. “There’s always excitement when Hunter comes.”

Now that they’re 10 years old, Rivardo said, Hunter is reaffirming their hope to keep helping Hawks soar to new heights and strive for excellence. “Hunter just wants to keep everyone excited about the blue and green,” she said.

For more information about UHCL’s Mascot Program, go online.