15:05 PM

UHCL's improved data sharing and management system receives state award

The Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications has given University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Office of Institutional Research the Project Excellence Award in the area of data sharing and management. The award is the result of a collaborative effort between IR, the Office of Information Technology, and Strategic Enrollment Management.

Director of Institutional Research Miriam Qumsieh said the award was even more meaningful because UH-Clear Lake was competing with all Texas agencies, not just institutions of higher education, for the award.

“There are four categories under Project Excellence, and our area of data sharing and management means that we have developed systems that allow for the management and governance of data in a way that unifies all stakeholders,” she said. “It’s more than just the software system or framework that stores the data. It’s about bringing it together so that access and sharing of data is facilitated. It’s a one-stop repository called Clarity that our campus community can use to be routed to the information they need to access.”

Previously, Qumsieh said, it was a bit more difficult for different stakeholders to access and link with information. “Now it’s all in one place,” she said. “This is a streamlined approach to bringing in all the data stored on various platforms and making it accessible. They were in separate data bases stored in different systems that do not talk to each other, but now they are in a data warehouse where all the information can be accessed in one place.”

She said this new system would help the university be more proficient. “We can see the greater picture; we’re able to follow a student from point of inquiry to graduation,” she said.

 “There are other elements tied to this,” she continued. “We can now work on making better correlations on a student’s path, which impacts staffing, allows us to perform predictive analytics, and plan better course offerings. We can anticipate what to do with a clearer understanding of student behaviors.”

Qumsieh said that the current system was still in its early foundational stages. “We have implemented a governance structure around the technology to ensure long-term success,” she said. “Now we have the data to put together visualization, bring others on board in a collaborative group to support our teams, and training them to use these new tools.”

The award ceremony took place Aug. 8 in the Omni Dallas Hotel.

For more information about the Office of Institutional Research, visit www.uhcl.edu/about/administrative-offices/institutional-research/