21:16 PM

UHCL’s Divison of Students Affairs offers critical resources for students’ success

Written by: Lauren Sawyer

As fall classes begin and university students around the country are finding their way around their new campus environment, they may not realize the role that Student Affairs plays in their success. At University of Houston-Clear Lake, the Division of Student Affairs offers students the resources they need to begin their lifetime of growth and self-development throughout their college journeys and beyond.

UH-Clear Lake’s DSA highlights campus community, health and wellness and student engagement. Seeking new experiences, finding a place to call home on campus and expanding learning are all helpful ways to build success inside and outside of the classroom.

Vice President for Student Affairs Tina Powellson said it is important for students to find a place to connect on campus, because it enriches their overall experience.

“Join a student organization, get a student job, explore the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. It is important to connect to this campus,” Powellson said. “Classes are really important and should be first priority, but the connection outside of the classroom will help students stay over the years and graduate, which is our ultimate goal.”

DSA offers students resources and support through Career Services, Center for Student Advocacy and Community, Counseling and Mental Health Center, Health Services, Student Housing and Residential Life and more. Powellson said there will also be more opportunities for students to build community on campus, which will positively contribute to the campus culture.

“We’ll be hosting student mixers, community gatherings, and other events that create student relationships. I am excited about this because we will continue to support students, and make sure that they are successful while feeling a part of our community,” she said.

Powellson added that students can also join ‘League of the Rising Hawks’ to enhance their educational experience, and be rewarded in the end for it. League of the Rising Hawks was established by the DSA as a co-curricular experience for student success, retention, and celebration. It allows students to participate in engaging educational programs and experiences to help students achieve their specific goals.

“We really want to make sure that our students see that we are here from start to finish. From their entrance to campus, transition through and their transition out, we want students to feel like they have support and resources here,” she said.

For more information about UHCL’s DSA and how to get involved on campus, visit www.uhcl.edu/student-affairs/.