08:14 AM

Students with financial need can obtain scholarships through NSF grant

Students with unmet financial need who are interested in a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the fields of computer science, computer information systems or computer engineering at University of Houston-Clear Lake can now obtain scholarships from the university’s new National Science Foundation S-STEM grant.

Associate Professor of Computer Science Ahmed Abukmail said that this grant now also extends to students wishing to pursue their graduate degree. “In the past, this grant only targeted undergraduate students, but now the grant allows them to simply continue from their undergraduate program into their graduate studies if they stay at UH-Clear Lake,” he said. “It makes it much easier for them to keep going.”

Abukmail said that students must demonstrate their low-income status as well as their academic accomplishments. “This will be a great help for students to obtain those degrees. This grant will help students prepare for graduate school and careers in the supported fields of study,” he said.

The nearly $1 million grant became available Oct. 1 and extends through 2025. Learn more about scholarships online.