13:41 PM

Spatial learning demonstration in Neumann Library

As “techies” continue to shift their interest from desktop devices to mobile devices, the trend toward goggles, headsets and other wearable devices continues to increase. Alex Haber, state/local government and education team leader Magic Leap, a spatial computing platform that integrates digital content into the physical world, will be demonstrating this technology at University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Alfred R. Neumann Library on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 9 a.m. - noon.

Evelyn Miralles, associate vice president for Strategic Information Initiatives and Technology, said that as the university continues to educate the workforce for the future, it’s important for students, faculty and administrators to attend. “Everyone will have the chance to see Mr. Haber’s presentation and have a hands-on demonstration of this technology,” she said. “We are becoming more digital and ‘smarter.’ This is the first augmented reality/virtual reality presentation we have had at UH-Clear Lake, and it’s something that must be experienced firsthand.”

Haber said he hopes to share how this technology can impact the teaching and learning in the classroom as well as research and content development. “The technology works in a headset similar to a VR headset,” he said. “If you put it on in a classroom, you would have access to digital content that integrates into your physical world. For example, if you were teaching a human anatomy class, you could lay a 3D anatomical model on a physical operating table. We are particularly excited about how such technology can boost engagement and collaboration, as everyone can still see each other and interact with the virtual content together.”

Haber said that students who were studying programming, coding, biological sciences, data analytics or mechanical engineering were among those who stood to benefit most from this demonstration. “The classroom is no longer tied to phones or screens of any kind,” he said. “The entire physical space of the classroom becomes your computing and communications learning environment.”

All are invited to attend this free event.