08:58 AM

SAT prep courses at UHCL transition to Skype format

College of Business

COVID-19 notwithstanding, high school seniors around the country are anxiously awaiting graduation and are deciding where they want to go to college. Critical to completing a college application are SAT scores — preferably high ones, but under the circumstances, preparing for the test has become a challenge. To meet the current need, University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Brenda Guerrero in the College of Business’ Center for Executive Education and PSAT/SAT Instructor Jennifer Ledwith have transitioned CEE’s SAT Prep course to online.

“The SAT Prep course we had planned for May 1 will still meet Fridays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to noon, as planned, but it’s all online using Skype,” Guerrero said.

“We had an SAT boot camp in February and explained to students and their parents how the prep course would work. We were able to transition everyone online to the Skype format and everyone stayed in the class,” Ledwith said.

Ledwith, who teaches PSAT/SAT prep courses in private practice as well as for UHCL, said that she’s teaching students how to study for the test using foundations, fundamentals and strategies for success.

“We are reviewing reading comprehension, grammar and math,” she said. “I teach the course the same way online as I do in person. We check attendance and had 100 percent of the class attend the first day of the transition. All the materials are the same as when we meet in person.”

Guerrero said the class is completely instruction-based. “This is what sets us apart from other SAT prep classes,” she said. “We don’t waste time taking timed tests. This is completely instruction driven and Jennifer expects the students to participate, not just show their face.”

Ledwith said that she had used Skype many times for instruction, and that students could submit their questions or answers in the chat, where she can help them or make corrections.

“We are still servicing the community, we have just readjusted,” Guerrero said. “Any student who wants to make good SAT scores for college, we are still here. We are planning a June SAT prep course and we’ll be here for everyone then, too.”

Those who wish to participate and register by April 24 will receive a discount. To register for the May SAT Prep course, visit the SAT Preparation Course registration online. Read more about UHCL's Center for Executive Education.