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RAs in Hunter Hall help foster students’ success in residential environment at UHCL

Written by: Lauren Sawyer

University of Houston- Clear Lake opened the doors to Hunter Hall, its first on-campus residential hall, in 2019. Since then, the residential life on campus has continued to grow with the help and support of resident advisors, who are ready to help new students in all aspects of their transition to on-campus living.

Resident advisor, Lisset (Lis) Fernandez, said she and the other resident advisors support residents’ transition to a new environment.

“It can be scary for them to start living in an unfamiliar environment. We try to make the experience as easy as possible for them, and aim to create a welcoming and safe place for all of our residents by being community builders,” she said. “We provide them with campus resources, serve as mentors and a friend.”

Fernandez started as a desk staff assistant in Hunter Hall. She became a resident advisor after seeing the time and effort the position required. She thought it would be a great opportunity to help students, as well as gain experience. She aspires to be a psychologist, and said being a resident advisor has benefited her by acquiring hands-on experience for her future career.

Fernandez said she highly recommends students to live on campus because it makes resources easier accessible, and it increases students’ chances of getting connected to the campus through programs and involvement in activities. Students can also experience a sense of community.

“One of the difficulties of moving into a residential hall, is finding that connection to those around them. I believe that living at Hunter Hall gives the residents an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds,” she said. “It allows them to explore new ways to connect through an educational environment.”

Fernandez said Hunter Hall has a new initiative that guides the educational experiences and learning outcomes for students living on campus. The curriculum focuses on fostering personal growth, community engagement and academic success within the residential environment.

“This semester, we are adding new computers to the second floor. There will also be collaborations with the Title XI office, student organizations, and the campus police department during the Weeks of Welcome,” she said.

Fernandez said students should be open minded about the residence hall experience, and to not be afraid to attend events and meet new people.

“The first month is always the hardest when making connections, but it gets easier after that. The staff at Hunter Hall is here to help, so please feel free to reach out to us for anything,” she said.

Hunter Hall has community rooms on every floor where residents can gather to study, relax and hang out. There are study rooms and laundry rooms, a vending machine lounge, and computer kiosks with printers.  The community kitchen, which is available to all residents, also includes the Hawk Pantry.

For more information about UH-Clear Lake’s residential life, visit www.uhcl.edu/student-affairs/campus-community/housing/