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New AVP aims to tell UHCL’s story

Daniel Ramirez knows a university’s brand goes far beyond an initialism emblazoned on a sweatshirt. A strong brand carries deep meaning for students, alumni, community members — and even employers.

“When you see the letters ‘UHCL’ or meet a UHCL graduate, there’s an expectation of what that means and the success that comes with it. I really want to shine a light on that,” said Ramirez, who began as University of Houston-Clear Lake’s interim assistant vice president of Marketing and Communications on May 3.

Ramirez led marketing and communications operations at South Texas College in McAllen from 2002-2021. During that time, he led a team of 25 members in developing effective brand marketing; steering internal, external and crisis communications; and orchestrating advertising and digital platform initiatives.

He holds a Master of Science in Media Management with Digital and Social Media Concentration from Arkansas State University.

In his role at UH-Clear Lake, Ramirez will lead marketing and communications efforts to advance the university’s strategic goals. He and his team will collaborate with university leadership, admissions, student services, faculty, staff and community partners to develop action plans that support recruitment and retention, facilitate partnerships, and raise the public’s awareness of the university’s diverse and rigorous academic programs.

“I was drawn to UH-Clear Lake because of its size, programs, and the opportunities that I see to grow the university’s brand, engage students, and promote these programs and facilities,” he said. “I think I can bring a lot of insight and guidance.”

He added that he anticipates meeting other campus leaders, learning about their expectations for their teams, and discovering how Marketing and Communications can support them and their goals.

“I am delighted that Mr. Ramirez has joined our team,” University of Houston-Clear Lake President Ira K. Blake said. “His experience and vision for Marketing and Communications position him well to champion our efforts. I look forward to his leadership of the team and to the many contributions he will make to strengthen UH-Clear Lake.”

With his extensive experience in web, creative services, public relations, marketing and data analysis, he seeks to enhance Marketing and Communications’ ability to provide the most efficient services to UHCL’s stakeholders and the community.

“I would like to support the department in the role they play for the institution so team members feel like they have a voice and a leader who can speak on their behalf,” he said. “On a university level, I hope to build brand advocates so that as they promote the institution, there’s consistency paired with conviction that will lead to a connection.”

Ramirez is also determined to enhance the student experience and draw new students to the university. “I’m committed to supporting the university’s student-centered goals. I also want to support students throughout their journeys and help ensure that the experience they have when they come to the institution is positive.”

Visit the Marketing and Communications webpage to learn more about the department.