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Introvert or extrovert? There's a place for everyone at UHCL

Written by: Cynthia Anaya

About 40% of a college student population identifies as introverted, according to Scientific Research. Yet, some schools tend to favor extroverted students while targeting them in their marketing efforts, with promises of endless social opportunities in a party-like atmosphere. Sometimes these tactics can intimidate or even completely discourage the more introverted students who are on the fence about what college to attend, leaving them wondering if they’ll fit in.

So why not choose a university that favors all students? University of Houston-Clear Lake can check all the boxes on your list of “things I want in a college,” whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert.

If you’re outgoing, you’re good at socializing with other students, and you thrive in group settings, there’s a place for you here. UH-Clear Lake offers a long list of opportunities for you to have fun with other Hawks on campus, from the annual Chili Cook-Off, to Spirit Week pie-smashing events, and more. There are also dozens of student organizations centered on fun, including the Campus Activities Board, Spirit Squad, and Volleyball Club.

If you’re more on the introverted side, but you don’t mind getting pushed out of your social comfort zone into a world of exciting, memorable college experiences, there’s a place for you, too. Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Dillon Nash shared his suggestions for new students who want to connect with others, but struggle with taking that first step.

“I would encourage the student to get involved in the Hawk Leadership Institute,” he said. “In the program, students get to meet other first-year students who are just starting at UHCL. Through the program, they are paired with a peer mentor who was once in their shoes. Students engage in activities and learn about leadership and themselves while being given opportunities to come out of their shell. The majority of students in the program are introverts who grow exponentially through their experience in the program.” 

But if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, and you prefer a more quiet, reserved college experience, UHCL can check that box for you, too. Although there will always be days filled with socialization and fun, these experiences are completely optional. Plus, there are plenty of quiet, secluded places on campus to study or be alone, including the Alfred R. Neumann Library, Pat and Wendell Wilson Park, Potter Pond, and Alumni Plaza. There are also hobby-centered student organizations that offer a quieter atmosphere than others, like the Ceramics Society, Chess Club, and Creative Writing Club.

And for students who want to serve on campus or in the community, regardless of the social perks or “fun factor,” there’s the Servant Leader Scholar Program. Service opportunities range from helping with student organizations to planting flowers on campus to volunteering at a food bank or shelter.

The student body at UHCL includes more introverts than extroverts, according to Nash, but there’s a place for every introvert, every extrovert, every ambivert, and every student in between.