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Easy transfer process makes UHCL a great choice for students to complete degree


Summer is college admission season. A lot of attention is on high school seniors during this time, but it’s important to remember, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, about a third of students end up either transferring from community colleges into a four-year institution, or are seeking to move from one four-year school to another.

University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Director of Transfer Advising and Student Transition Kristi Rickman knows it can be a complicated process, from deciding which university to choose, to navigating the paperwork.  That’s why she’s sharing five things that can make transferring to UH-Clear Lake an easy decision.

1.     At UHCL, there is a team of designated transfer advisors to support the specific needs of transfer students. In fact, UHCL is unique in this service. There is  an entire office dedicated to helping students who have acquired college credits elsewhere transition smoothly into the university.

2.     Generally, transfer students can begin their first-choice course of study. In other universities, students are asked for a second or even a third choice for a major course of study. At UHCL, students can almost always get in their desired degree plan.

3.     The transfer team of advisors will work to maximize your transfer credits. Many universities only accept 60 transfer credits. UHCL accepts up to 74, depending on the degree program.

4.     The Automatic Transfer Scholarship, veteran and military benefits, and other scholarship opportunities go a long way to help defray college tuition costs. Transfer advisors can help direct you toward the options that work best for you.

5.     Undecided about your major? Take the MyMajorsQuiz, consult with your transfer advisors, and get additional guidance from UHCL’s Career Services. They’re here to help you find a major that fits your interests, your aptitude, and your career goals.

And Rickman offered two additional key pieces of advice:  

·       If you’re in community college right now, don’t wait to start the application process right now. Start the process while you’re still in summer school classes. It takes 2-3 weeks to complete the application and get transcripts sent. And don’t forget to send transcripts after you complete your summer school classes as well.

·       Get an appointment with your transfer advisor now. They’re available, and classes are, too. But when it’s closer to August, things start to fill up. Plan ahead and talk to your transfer advisor as soon as possible.

If you’re a prospective student and you’d like more information about transferring to UHCL, visit www.uhcl.edu/academics/advising/transfer/advisers.