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Texas native Tim Kerr showcases work in new UHCL Art Gallery exhibition

Written by: Lauren Sawyer
Tim Kerr Artwork

Texas native Tim Kerr’s art will be on display in the University of Houston- Clear Lake Art Gallery on July 17 through August 25. Kerr is a well-traveled “self-expressionist” who has displayed his art all over the U.S. and internationally. Not only is he well known for his photography and painted murals, but also for his music. The Texas music Hall of Famer produces and has been a member of 11 bands.

Kerr said that we all influence someone in a way. He paints in hopes that by portraying others who have made a positive impact, it could possibly plant a seed in the viewer to participate in something positive as well.

“I get inspired every day,” Kerr said. “I’ve loved music and art since before elementary school. I’ve never put boundaries on my creativity or put myself in a box. When I create, I want someone to realize they have self-expression too. That’s the icing on the cake.”

Kerr said he is honored to display his work in UH-Clear Lake’s Art Gallery. He likes to paint murals of influential people, history and civil rights, music and collaborative pieces.  Kerr also collaborates with Houston artist, Robert Hodge. Some of their works will also be on display.

“A lot of artists work solo. I like to collaborate too, and give people a chance to display their work alongside mine,” Kerr said. “Robert Hodge makes collages and screen printing.”

Kerr is not into labels when it comes to his art or himself. He said there are too many rules and no freedom with labels.

“We’re individuals. I’ve never been comfortable with labels and their restrictions. When someone confines me to one label, they do themselves and me a disservice,” he said.

Kerr hopes to get his audience’s creativity and individuality going at UH-Clear Lake when they view his work in the exhibit.

“I sign ‘your name here’ on all my work. When someone looks at the bottom of the piece to see who created it, and sees ‘your name here’, it’s a call to arms to celebrate your own self- expression,” he said.

 For more information about UHCL’s Art Gallery, visit www.uhcl.edu/art-gallery/