09:47 AM

Reception celebrates alumni, looks ahead to UHCL's 50th anniversary

A group of men and women, each with right hand up, with the first two fingers raised and curled to resemble Hawk talons. The third and fourth finger are down, with the thumb folded over them
A group of UHCL's distinguished alumni join Interim President Richard Walker, second from right, in practicing the university's new hand signal at a reception honoring their service. Go Hawks!

University of Houston-Clear Lake's Office of University Advancement held the inaugural Distinguished Alumni Reception on Feb. 22 to celebrate the continued guidance and leadership of the university's graduates. Over 50 alumni were present for the event.

The reception was the first of many events planned to highlight the support of UH-Clear Lake's alumni and celebrate the university's approaching 50th anniversary.

"This event symbolizes our commitment to regularly and thoughtfully keep you included, informed and engaged with us," said Vice President of University Advancement Joe Staley. "What better catalyst for this activity could we have than our upcoming 50th anniversary?"

Staley said the university would continue to rely on the guidance and leadership of the alumni to galvanize additional support and that further plans for the anniversary celebration would be forthcoming.