15:49 PM

Minor in statistics could be differentiator on job application, says UHCL prof


Statistics are at the heart of the quantitative reasoning needed for making critical advances in medicine, business and public policy. Now, says University of Houston-Clear Lake Associate Professor of Statistics Frank Li, the university is offering a minor in statistics for undergraduates looking for a skill set that can make the difference in the eyes of prospective employers.

“Almost all majors across all colleges require students to take one statistics course,” Li said. “Many students find that after they’ve taken one course, they are interested in it and this new minor will help them learn more.”

Li said three required statistics courses and two electives would make up the minor. “These days, almost all fields require knowledge of statistics, regardless of the area,” he said. “This minor can enhance a student’s career because it equips you with sound quantitative reasoning skills and the ability to perform fundamental statistical analysis. It’s very useful and it can help a student get more opportunities.”

Data collection is part of every field, Li said. “Statistics teaches you tools and concepts used for extracting information from data. Students in any major can benefit from this minor as long as they have a solid mathematical background, ” he said. “Having these skills can make your job application stand out.”

Li said the minor would be available for enrollment in fall 2020.

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